How To Get A Buyer In Today's Market!

Price It Right!!!

With the numerous properties for sale out there right now one of the two most important factors in selling your home is going to be price.  If your home isn’t priced right or it’s overpriced for the area/neighborhood, potential buyers will not be considering it or even adding it to their ‘short list’ of homes they want to see.  We review all of our listings weekly if not more to make sure we are priced as aggressively as possible and keep up with the ever changing market.

The second most important factor we feel, is accessibility.  Many times when we are representing buyers and trying to schedule 10 homes to view, the ones that are vacant are of course the easiest to see but the homes that are occupied with instructions to call and leave a message for the owner and then use the ARMLS Lockbox are going to be the ones we are able to show first and in accordance to when our buyers have time.  Other properties where you have to call the agent, the agent has to call the seller and then the seller doesn’t respond, will, more often than not lose that buyer who wanted to see the home.  If your home looks great in the photos on MLS but no one can view it you aren’t going to be receiving any offers.  The other advantage for placing the home on lockbox is that we can record who is in your house and at what time.  This is good for us to be able to follow up with agents to get feedback on their showings and also have record in case our clients want that information on how many people have been in and out of the home, etc.

When you are competing with the plethora of homes currently for sale in Phoenix, you have to go over and above the others to stick out and help secure a buyer for your home.  Questions?  Give us a call!

Short Sales & HOA'S

Not Paying your HOA could cost you thousands and prevent you from short selling your home successfully.  When you're completing a short sale, one of the most important things you can do as a seller is to keep your HOA dues current and take care of any notices (weeds, trash, etc) before they become fines.  If you have a $50/month HOA and you don’t pay it over the course of a year and collect a few fines here and there; by the time we get the statement and they add in lawyers fee, fines, penalties you can be looking at over $3,000 total easily.  This can all be prevented by paying only $600 over the course of the year if it’s paid on time. 

Many lenders now are refusing to pay any back HOA fines or dues because the HOAs have a right to sue you and be granted a judgment.  The HOA fines are separate from your property and follow you the seller, not the home.  We have also been seeing the HOAs come in after they get the judgment and garnish wages which can really mess up your month if you’re not expecting this.

Once we successfully negotiate the short sale and are made aware of any back HOA dues this is the time we will try to work with the sellers HOA to see if they can reduce fees but more often than not, they aren’t willing to take any less.  If we cannot come to an agreement and the seller doesn’t have enough funds to pay the fees the whole sale might fall through and the seller would be facing foreclosure.  Meanwhile the HOA fees and fines will continue to accrue and not only will they have a foreclosure on their record, but also a judgment from the HOA up until the home sells at auction.  This could add another thousand dollars or more depending on how long that takes.

So you see, it’s much easier to pay the small monthly fee in comparison to all the headache and financial strain this could cause down the road.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us and we’d be glad to talk to you!  

Thinking Outside The Box!


Just a Little Luck and a Whole Lot of Perseverance....

We are thrown curve balls when dealing with all sales in our current market, but especially when dealing with Short Sales; which happens to be 90%+ of our business.

Something that our clients and peers always say is that we will always go the extra mile and beyond to make sure we successfully close the sale. 

There are so many people that are affected if something such as an AC unit gets stolen.  Not only will the sellers most likely face foreclosure, but the buyers will lose the money they put out for inspections and appraisals, not to mention they may have given notice on their current place of residence or already rented their home out thinking they will be moving shortly and therefore have nowhere to go if we don’t close.  There are also the lenders, title companies, other agents, brokers, etc they are all working hard to make things come together and if we sometimes don’t take those extra few steps by driving to a courthouse to get a document or meeting 3 or 4 AC companies at the last minute for bids or helping resolve an issue with a clients past bankruptcy holding up the sale; major devastation can occur just from that one sale.

If there is anything within reason we are able to do to help our clients out we will always do it.  Our business is growing fast and a lot of that is due to referrals.  That’s the best compliment we can ever receive if we’ve done a great job for a past client and they think of us when a friend or family member is in a situation where we could be of assistance.

Please contact us with any questions.  We hope to work with you in the future!


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