Buying a house? Here's why you want concessions! 
Monday, October 21, 2019 at 5:30AM
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What are Concessions?  Why should you want them if you’re buying a home?  We always try and secure concessions for our clients when purchasing a home. Closing Costs; an example is when the seller will pay for part or all of the closing costs associated with the sale.  How much or if any concessions are given depends on several factors.  Your agent’s ability to negotiate on your behalf and the amount offered is extremely important.  Seller paid concessions can also be used for repairs, appliances or if the home is needing new paint or other cosmetic fixes/ expenses. 

Congratulations to our client on the purchase of her new home.  She got an amazing deal in a very competitive market and location.  We not only got her a great home, but $6,000 dollars in concessions to help with her closing costs.  This lessoned the amount of money she had to bring to the table for closing and was still able to get a great deal on the purchase price.  Concessions paid by the seller, help you save thousands of dollars.  If you're thinking of buying a home let us help you get the best deal!


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